Sunday, May 27, 2012

It Is F.U.N - Silk Naturals Mineral Foundation

At first I was a little unwilling to try the Silk Naturals Mineral Foundation as I would need to mix the foundation myself. I was a little bit worried for how to get the right recipe and mix well. Actually i realized it was easier than I thought until I finally tried it. 

First of of all we need to determine our base. Please read the recipe and refer here.
There is an easy way to start the routine of mixing the foundation with purchasing the Intro Sample Kits.

There are 3 formulas as the followings: (Originally from the site)
Perfect Harmony Foundation Sample Kit- Our original foundation formula that provides light but buildable coverage, and excellent oil control.
All-Puropse Ivory Foundation Sample Kit- A vegan and silica-free foundation perfect for drier skin.  It provides moderate coverage with a creamy finish, and can be applied either wet or dry.
Vegan Foundation Sample Kit- Great coverage and finish in a silk-free formula.

After trying the intro sample kits, I ordered the full size starter kits.

Full size Starter Kits include:
1 tablespoon bag of Medium Coverage Ivory
1 tablespoon bag of the tinted vegan base of your choice,
an empty 30 gram sifter jar
measuring scoop
a sample of Perfecting Powder

The full size starter kit comes in black organza bag. There is a guide to mineral make up printed at the back of invoice.

You may write down your recipe on the sticker at the bottom of the 30g Jar.

So I started with 1 scoop of dark - the base. I'm using the warm gold.
Then I added on 8.5 scoops of white. I found that it was a little bit lighter, then I added on 1/2 scoops of dark.
Then put the lid on it, make sure it is tight ans shake it until they are well mixed.
They're not that well-mixed after shaking for about 5 minutes. Please see the below picture.
Look! They're not that well-mixed yet.
So I used more effort to shake it until they're well mixed as the below picture.

When I tried the intro sample kits, I was trying with the original formula. I was mixing the dark: white with 8.5scoops:1scoops. The below picture is the sample intro kit. They look more darker than it is in the picture. For the full size, I ordered medium coverage foundation. You need more dark for medium/heavy coverage foundation.

Most probably Silk Naturals Foundation is the silkiest mineral foundation that I have tried so far. I love the formula and I can change the recipe if I got darker or maybe fairer. Silk Naturals mineral foundation will be one of my favorite mineral foundations. You may get refill packs once finished. With the price and quality, it is unbeatable.

I personally think that It is FUN to mix my own mineral foundation. Has anyone tried it?

Leira Yann

P/S: I will/might on hiatus as I need to prepare for my exam. Thanks. ^^


  1. Never tried it before, but I want to after reading this post! I think it's great that you share things like this with the rest of us!
    I always thought one had to grind the different powders together in order to get the perfect mix, but clearly it doesn't seem that way!

    1. Phlox, It is true that it is easy to get the perfect mix. I think I have found the perfect shade with blending the foundation myself.