Friday, June 15, 2012


Though I'm not good on blogging, last few posts were fairly boring and I had wrote something that I didn't like. I won't delete these few posts as they also somewhat represented the worst part of my blog yet they are still part of my blog which I wanted to say there is nothing is perfect and there should be some imperfect and I accept these imperfect with 100%. As I was on super pressure mood that time and I needed to take care of my professional paper and working at the same time. I just think when I can't write something good, I should not blogging and I should just on hiatus for a while until I feel It's so happy to blogging but not I have to blogging. Blogging should be H.A.P.P.Y..

I never read The Hunger Game before I went to cinema for this movie. I was hooked after the movie and I wanted to get all the books of The Hunger Game. I think I am a little odd as my favourite character is the boy with the bread. I needed to get the boy with the bread from Darling Girl was my indeed thought after the movie. I really think that we must have a shade calls You Call That A Kiss, don't you agree? ^^

I used:
Eye Primer:
Silk Naturals Stick em' eyeshadow enhancer


Darling Girl Cosmetics
Neomaxizoondweebie - A GWP colour (lid)
Boy with the bread(crease)

Integrate Liquid Eyeliner (Black)

ZA Eyebrow pencil


 I like the GWP colour and of course boy with the bread.

I bought this Maybelline the MAGNUM VOLUM' EXPRESS ULTRACOMB a month ago and I love the brush comb and it helps in lengthening. I personally prefer volume effect. I think I should just get back to

I have time for the books finally. Hooray!!! I really love You Call That A Kiss. I actually kept saying after the movie. Any volunteer to create this shade? Hehe^^ I would like to say I am back to blogging happily.

Leira Yann


  1. I love this look :)
    You should never feel the need that you have to blog.. I always think too that I should not blog when I don´t have anything to write about :)
    take care

    1. Yes. Totally agree. Thank you.

  2. Hope you'll come around soon! If you feel like it you can always share pictures that inspire you in the meantime!
    You look stunning as always, love your eyelashes!

  3. This blog is beautiful!I follow you